Engineering Water Into Life


The picture being analyzed is from There isn’t an author listed, but this website designs advertisements in New Delhi.  New Delhi has had their fair share of water problems. This is a particular appealing argument for them. A lot of their website is in a different language, so it can be hard to gather specific information on the creation of this advertisement. It was created on May 1st of 2011.


Fish Color

I wanted to outline three different uses of color. These colors are different from their gray and white scheme. The red is used to emphasize their main point and reason for the advertisement. It stands out and appears to be irrefutable. Orange emphasizes the representation of live because that is what this art is about. The black handle representing waste, darkness, or even death, does a great job of drawing our attention to it.


This whole promotional picture does a splendid job of using contrast. The white fades to dark gray colors to keep attention focused on the center of the picture. The colors that aren’t part of the white and gray struggle for power exist on the inside of the bowl. It clearly demonstrates life and energy being on the inside and is where we want to be. We want to promote life and the conserving of water. Through the dark exit of blackness that could represent death, we find emptiness and space. These contrasts emphasize the main points and make it appear more dramatic.


Fish proximity

The proximity of placing the wording in the middle of the empty space of the bowl gives us plenty of room to focus. Our eyes are directed to the words floating in the bowl to help us discover why we are looking at a picture of a fish. Having the empty space all fade into gray helps us to refocus on the issues being discussed inside the fish bowl.


alignment of fish

The alignment of the wording keeps us focused and the thoughts organized. This is a left alignment and helps to demonstrate organization inside the fish bowl. It is all part of making the inside of the fish bowl seem like the sophisticated part of the picture where humanity wants to be. The positioning of the words in the middle of the blank space tells us how to avoid having emptiness inside the bowl with the phrase displayed. It is how we avoid ultimate, worldly emptiness.



The phrasing portrayed uses repetition. Both lines begin with “save” and end with the comparison. It directs us to the conclusion they want us to arrive at. The use of emptiness is recurring and helps us look for ways to avoid it. This makes the advertisement much more powerful. The use of water is recurring and we get a dreary feeling when we see it being wasted in the picture. It draws a gloomy feeling to the outside of the bowl and maintains life on the inside by having enough.


These principles can become confusing when you start to see how interconnected they truly are. The colors can bring thoughts and feelings to mind by contrasting different ideas. Repeating designs and ideas helps us stay focused and really internalize the principles discussed. Order, professionalism, and idealism help us give credibility to the designers and keep us from getting distracted. This picture is simple, but can still be powerful by applying simple principles to arrange it in a way that impacts us and appeals to our senses.





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