Types of Advertising

Tour Dates


This advertisement belongs to a music band called Mayday Parade. They designed this to go along wit their album cover art. It contains their tour dates for their current concert series. It can be found all over their website: http://www.maydayparade.com. As album art usually is, it is random designs meant to capture the essence of their music and the audiences’ attention.

Analysis For Type 1

Tour Dates


The word “milestones” is boxed in. This word stands out and has a different font type than the rest of the advertisement. As you can see, there are serifs at the edge of each letter. Some of the letters connect their serifs with others as well. Based on having serifs, I would have guessed it was a slab serif type. Looking a bit closer, I noticed that there are noticeable transitions from thick to thin strokes in the lettering. This led me to understand the type to be a more decorative type.

Analysis For Type 2

Tour Dates

Sans Serif

Underneath “milestones,” the album name and purpose for the tour are found. The lettering is thin and has no noticeable transitions with the thickness of the letters. It doesn’t have serifs like the other style previously covered. In fact, serifs can’t be found anywhere on this type. “Romantics” seems to be embolden a little bit or perhaps whiter to jump out at us.


Tour Dates

The biggest way of contrasting was the difference of capital letters and lowercase letters. The decorative type is uppercase and the sans serif is lowercase. They draw attention to themselves in different ways in an intentional order. The kerning in “milestones” removes all space from the letters. There is no space left and it leaves the letters touching. The lowercase sans serif type has some space between each letters that is evenly distributed. Size differences draw the eye to the decorative type first. Being bigger means it needs a thicker appearance to keep our attention and not appear too frail. One has thick to thin transitions and the other is consistent throughout.


With the bigger font type, it definitely needed to be thicker or it would almost disappear in the strong color background. The balance of thick and thick is a theme throughout this advertisement. Thicker styles draw attention to the words and the eye follows the differences in style. It provides us with the emphasis of certain words and ideas that need to be appreciated or enjoyed with the band.


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