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Below is the final outcome of my project. The article, “Time to Ask, Who Kicked the Dogs Out,”  was written by Sidney Jensen and it is about the less than friendly behavior of housing in Rexburg when it comes to animals. My objective was to design an effective layout to properly portray the love of dogs and appeal to those who can implement change. Our love of dogs surpasses understanding and has existed as far back as we can trace. This issue needs to be brought to light and discussed. There is a sharp contrast between sad puppy pictures and then a happy dog at the conclusion of the article. The manuscript of this article can be found at by the original author.

who kicked the dogs out

Audience Analysis:

My intended audience is anyone who can persuade others to look out for pet owners. Luckily the federal government has already implemented emotional support animal laws to protect people who need animals to increase the quality of life by suppressing any form of mental illness or instability. Of course, the background outline is in the shape of a house with a chimney; this helps to look like a housing brochure. That way, I can reach out and gain the attention of landlords or apartment owners. This article appeals to their emotions and helps them see the benefits of being merciful. A lot of people can identify with this article while living in Rexburg, Idaho.  The bright design and sad puppy pictures helps to portray a bright future for the sad circumstances that exist.

Design Analysis

The first picture on page one looked best zoomed in and in the center of the page. The close-up shows the sadness in the eyes of both dogs that have pictures in the center of the page. As mentioned above, the background of pages two and three is an outline of a house with a chimney. This helps to make the connection between real estate and dog owners. The last picture was taken off of a website listed at the conclusion of this post and the blue helps to go with the blue in the sky section of page three. The gray helps draw attention through leading lines to the husky, and emphasizes the quote in the circle. Proximity is used surrounding the quote and picture with text wrap. A sad husky picture is also placed by a section titled, “Why it matters.” Alignment is used brilliantly in the title. The left alignment on top of the title stops where the right alignment on the bottom picks up. Each side lines up with the overall alignment. Repetition is used with the triangles on the bottom of each page. Contrasting fonts and colors are used there as well. The second and third page use a matching house outline. The title emphasizes the suggestive persecution or violence towards animals that are innocent and loving.

Project Color:

The background picture on the first page was a tough one to match color with. There is a small house shape with a dark gray color that was matched with a light blue and yellow for the darker parts because it looks good with that blue. Blue persists throughout the next two pages by representing the blue sky. It concludes by matching up with more blue in the picture taken from a beach. The dark gray inside the circle matches up with the background of the first picture and some parts of the flooring. It helps the quote to stand out and resembles a road leading to the picture of the husky. This is using the photography technique “leading lines.” Using the black text helped to stand out on the lighter color tile and backgrounds that matched.


The yellow font is a serif font called Bookman Old Style. It is old style because of the slight transition between thin and thick. This contrasts with the blue between that uses a font called AR DARLING. The blue is a sans serif font without any serifs hanging off of the letters. The blue on the first page is exaggerated and slightly decorative to draw attention to what the title is saying. It almost reminds me of a school yard with lots of energy and chalk writing. There is also contrast in the title between lowercase and uppercase words. My section headings use a font called Georgia, which is a serif font style. The normal  text used for the article is Arial to contrast with the headings. It is a sans serif font. Using bold text with italics helps to draw attention to the quote.


In conclusion, this project utilizes many tools in InDesign. There is a quote in a circle that is text wrapped and a rectangle picture as well. The color scheme was chosen based on what went well with the picture colors on page one. Other colors that were used were matched by Photoshop to the carpet and background.  The quote appeals to human emotion and the quote itself is positioned in the heart of the home in the background. This is where dogs belong; they belong by our side and in our hearts. We need our love for them to be unrestrained to help us learn to love. I hope this advertisement captures some of that hope.


Pictures Used:

Leading Lines

Linked to a website for credit to the photographer, Olga Zeeb

Photo taken by me, Bryce Shearer

Photo by me, Bryce Shearer



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