Staple Creative Ad


The following image is a creative advertisement made for Arrow Fastener. Arrow Fastener is a staple and supply making company. Their company logo is included in the project and their company website is  This is my first creative advertisement and found pictures that worked great together.  The project required merging two or more images and using design principles.

Target Audience Analysis:

The target audience was 18-24 year old men. They make around 50,000 dollars per year. Their specific viewing favorites were television and blogs. Staples are usually associate with construction and manly men building things up. Men that age usually look at their lives and develop their own projects to get done. Home improvement projects and fixing things are trademarks of people that age.

Design Analysis:

The person holding a globe creates a feeling of hope and like the world belongs to us. White and blue seem to be the dominant colors throughout the project. Using a drop shadow helped to separate the cloudy background from the white lettering. The uppercase words contrast the lowercase word “build” to accent it. That part of the design has words above “build” and below it to fulfill the word by building around it. Some people might not recognize the buildings made out of staples, so having a stapler makes them take another look to find the correlation between pictures. Finding a blue stapler contributed to the blue and white color scheme. I designed clouds to overlap the skyscrapers to make it seem three dimensional. The call to action is to buy the staples that will improve the world around people. The title creates a feel that this advertisement is encouraging viewers to build up the beautiful world we live on. We can make it more beautiful through our efforts. The right alignment helped with consistency.


This image was developed with the proper audience in mind. Men looking to improve their homes will be seeing construction staples. Parents will see staples to help their kids get creative. The white and blue color scheme is well balanced and creates a beautiful world image. Three images were blended to create this add and instills a desire to build things. The world and skyscrapers have been built with the simplest of things. This advertisement will remind us to shop for the simple things.

The pictures used are public domain pictures and are seen below.


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