Snickers Exaggeration


This is my final project for Communications 130. We were tasked with creating an advertisement that looks like another one that we found. Our goal was to apply everything we learned throughout the semester to create a similar advertisement. Color, typography, and other design principles were all brought into play. The photography that was used was creative commons (cc0) from

Here is the advertisement that I was trying to match. It can be found at

The following is the advertisement that I designed to match the one above.

Target Audience Analysis

From the above advertisements we can tell that this is designed for adults. The goal is to help them enjoy the small moments in a deeper way. The activities above like rock climbing and sky diving are for mature adults that are into more daring actions. Sometimes life can get stressful and make it hard to relax. The advertisements help these people to understand that a Snickers bar can help us relax and enjoy moments. Men are targeted because of their inclination to do these recreational activities.

Design Analysis

The typography was closely matched with the original advertisement. The font in the upper left hand corner is a sans serif with no thickness variations. It is also all uppercase in the original ad. I found it hard to read the original advertisement so I enlarged the writing and logo. I contrasted that font with a cursive font that is in lowercase form. The white font contrasts the blue sky in both advertisements. I added a catchy phrase to emphasize the expanded emotions that can be enjoyed.


The Snickers logo mostly consists of red, blue, and white. The blue skies and white font contrasts well and goes well with the Snickers color scheme. Both pictures have a white light that fades into the blue sky. In the first advertisement, there is a standout color. The yellow jacket stands out on top of the rock wall. Luckily for me, I found a sky diver with a yellow suit to use consistency. The trampoline color blends well with the other pictures.

Design and Photography

The recreational activities draw similarities. The whole point of these advertisements is to exaggerate the feelings from simple activities. Even though the person was only climbing a rock wall, it felt like they were covered in gear and climbed a huge mountain. In my advertisement, the men are jumping on a trampoline, but it can feel like they are sky high by enjoying the moment with a Snickers. There are three pictures that were combined to make my advertisement. There are sun spots in my advertisement just like the other picture. It makes the photography style seem the same. My advertisement has men placed in the top third of the picture. This uses the rule of thirds. Enhancing any experience is the same as living sensations bigger.


My project uses the same theme and similar photography to create a matching advertisement. The color and typography was matched well. Contrasting colors and fonts are utilized. Emphasizing the small feelings by chewing on a Snickers bar is visually depicted. The sunlight is consistent and shadows are similar. The rule of thirds is utilized to be visually pleasing. The recreational activities helps to target the proper audience and create excitement.


The three pictures that were combined can all be found below. They were creative commons (CC0) and can be reused. They were taken from and can be found there for reuse. 


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