Paris Agreement

Class this week was on June 1st. The presenter was Sister Hansen. Despite her digs at withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement based on a limited perspective that overlooks simple economics and real science, it was a delight to listen to the helpful information. She taught us what questions to ask when setting up a campaign and who to involve. Learning how to pitch things based on the audience was extremely helpful as a public relations major.


Writing and Media

This class was on May 25th and related to moving media, pictures, and writing. Brother Lybbert led the presentation and introductions. He talked about using WordPress and continuing to write to develop our portfolios. We watched a video from Caryn Esplin and learned about her website: These presentations helped me decide what aspects of visual media interest me and what would be beneficial to take.

Journalism and News


Today in class we learned about journalism and news media from Lane Williams. We were strongly encouraged to start writing about things we are passionate about. Our careers started when we  graduated high school and we need to have something to show to future employers. Anything can happen while internet media is incredibly popular. We were also encouraged to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal and consider news journalism as our emphasis.

Graduation Plans 5/4/17

Graduation planning is a beneficial process for BYU-Idaho and myself. Planning what courses to take next helps me compartmentalize everything that needs done. We learned about graduation plans in communications class on Thursday evening; the date was May 4th. This process will tell the school how many classes are needed and tells us what still needs done. Without a proper vision, it is hard to reach our goals. The presenter was Sheila Wener.

Class Notes Summary 1

Today was the first day that we got information on the resources at BYU Idaho. There are many opportunities here at school to get the experience to progress toward our future careers. The outdoors and sports groups we learned about won’t have much impact on preparing me for future employment. I have a passion for writing, and working my way up the school newspaper, The Scroll, could look good on a resume and play into public relations. Soap box has a public relations group that could be worked in to gain experience in the field.